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Welcome to your gateway to personal and spiritual growth with Jo Le-Rose, a leading personal development coach with over thirty years' experience. Jo is your guide to achieving mental clarity, emotional resilience, spiritual harmony, and manifesting the life you want!

Align Your Mind...

Discover the Power of Mind Alignment - Resolve Life's Challenges! Welcome to a space where you can access some of the most potent mind-enhancing tools available on planet Earth today! Begin your transformative journey with three remarkable offerings:


  1. Rapid Manifest's Foundational E-Book and Mini Course: Delve into the secrets of manifestation and align your mind with your desires. Learn about the Ancient Frequency Clock to overcome limitations and attract abundance.

  2. Discover Your Life's Purpose - 7 Steps to Unveiling Your True Calling: Embark on a Soul-searching quest to find your purpose and passion in life. Uncover the path that will lead you to fulfilling your unique destiny.

  3. The Core Mind Magnet - A Powerful Course for Body, Mind, and Soul: Meet the magnet that has kept your attraction compass in the same position for eons of time. Bringing you the same repetitive cycles. Moving this magnetic point on the compass of the Ancient Frequency Clock can bring you profound life changes.


Join Jo Le-Rose on this transformative journey of self-discovery and growth. Embrace the power within you and witness life's wonders unfold before your eyes!


Solve Your Matter...

To solve your matter and improve your life experiences, it’s essential to understand how the mind plays a crucial role. The mind precedes matter, meaning that your thoughts and emotions govern the events and circumstances that manifest in your life. Every aspect of your reality, including your self-image, the people you encounter, the events that unfold, and the places you find yourself in, are all influenced by the frequencies emitted by your thoughts and feelings.


If you find yourself dissatisfied with what you’re currently experiencing, then it’s necessary to make changes at the level of your mind's attachment to certain frequencies. Here are some pointers that you will work with when utilising Jo Le-Rose's techniques:


  • Mental Clarity: Learn to clear mental clutter, promote constructive thinking, and enhance your focus.

  • Emotional Strength: Build emotional resilience to navigate life's challenges, learning to embrace feelings without being overwhelmed by them.

  • Spiritual Connectivity: Cultivate a deeper connection with the universe and discover your powerful spiritual essence.

  • Unlocked Potential: Break free from limitations and express your authentic self, aligning with your core values and living a purpose-driven life.

  • Efficient Manifestation: Master the art of manifesting desires quickly and efficiently, crafting the life you've always dreamed of.


Jo's teachings blend wisdom, compassion, and spiritual awakening, offering tools to transcend barriers and create your best life. Embark on a fulfilling journey of personal and spiritual development under Jo's mentorship and shine brighter than ever.


Jo's Courses

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Rapid Manifest:
Unlock An Ancient Frequency Clock to Supercharge Your Manifesting Game!


Discover Your Full Potential
Live the 7 Steps of How:
Find Your True Calling!

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The Core Mind Magnet
The Most Powerful Way to Transform your Mind on Planet Earth!

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