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When You Align Your Mind, You Solve Your Matter: Transformation is by the Power of Frequency!
Everything in the universe is interconnected, vibrating at various frequencies. From the tiniest subatomic particles to the grand cosmos, everything emits its unique energy signature. Our thoughts and emotions are no exception; they too carry their own frequencies. When we align our mind with the right frequency and maintain that alignment, we open the door to profound life changes.
Imagine your mind as a tuning fork, capable of harmonizing with specific frequencies. When you consciously attune your thoughts and emotions to positive and empowering frequencies, you create a resonance that can transform your life circumstances.
In these e-books & courses of mind-alignment, you discover your innate ability to co-create your reality. By harnessing the power of specific inner frequencies, you shape the world around you in ways you may have never imagined. The key lies in recognizing that you are not a mere spectator in the grand symphony of existence but an active participant, playing a unique role in the cosmic dance.


Become An Ambassador of Light - A Daily Technique for Global Influence
This E-Booklet is Free


This is the antidote to the oppression on this planet. The gulf between greed, which gives birth to non-care, and those who are trying to spread light, healing and love to the lost and wounded, grows wider by the day. We only have to look at the state of our planet to know that those in power are no longer listening to what their people need.

Be the change the Earth is looking for. Utilise a powerful technique of service and daily spread light and love to all universal beings. Remember, you receive what you give out...

Join others today in this daily technique to bring about the frequency of love, peace and wellness to nature and each other. 

Coming Mid-June 2024: The power of the technique can be can be more effective with an audio version by Jo Le-Rose. The audio also consists of frequencies to help you access the required brainwave. Once it's available (£10), I will let you know by email if you have subscribed and downloaded the free e-booklet.


The Art of Self-Healing Course


Holistic Healing: Nurturing Body, Mind, and Soul for Transformation and Renewal


Most illness and emotional trauma stem from a deep sense of not feeling fulfilled or connected with oneself, a condition often amplified by our fast-paced, modern lifestyles. This course tackles these core issues head-on by offering unique, powerful methods designed to clear blockages across all levels of being—emotional, mental, and spiritual—in a matter of minutes.


Through guided exercises, practical workshops, and supportive resources, you will learn how to access and activate their inner healing mechanisms effectively.


The transformative techniques taught here are not only rapid but also profound, leaving you empowered to take control of your health and ultimately, your physical reality.

This will be available by end of Oct 2024


Rapid Manifest: Unlock An Ancient Frequency Clock to Supercharge Your Manifesting Game!

Introducing An Ancient Frequency Clock - a powerful approach to rapid manifestation rooted in primordial wisdom. This remarkable clock is as old as life itself. It holds the secrets of the universe, nature, duality, and time. It's a concealed tool nestled within your own mind, capable of instantly dissolving limiting subconscious beliefs, leading to a profound shift in your point of attraction!


Unleash the potential of your mind with the e-book and mini course. This includes a 30-Day challenge to cement the workings of the Ancient Frequency Clock in your mind. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to align yourself with abundance and success.

This will be available by end of July 2024


New Courses Coming Soon!

1. It's Not a Weight Issue - It's an Energy Problem
A profound understanding of that excess weight in the body stems from the cause of stagnant chi - which stops flowing due to emotional stress. Undo the cause - release the flow, dissolve the fat.

2. Five Futures - Which One Will You Choose?
This is an incredible opportunity. Find your five levels of probable future frequencies. Pick one, then train your mind to follow that path!

3. RESET - Solutions for Body, Mind & Soul
This course is a brilliant way to create a daily foundation. Not only that, you can access your subconscious mind and soul for a direct conversation, which you can record.

These courses will be available by end of 2024

Alex Tyrer, UK

“This is what I have been waiting for, for eons. I was so deeply healed and released that I couldn't speak, the tears were streaming and my body was filling with the light and healing."
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